The following is a list of domain tips that we have collected over the years:

  1. Get a domain name ASAP: If you don't get your domain now, there is a chance that someone will take it and likely squat on it (hold it ransom). A domain will cost you only around 10 USD/year and is very easy to register. There really are no excuses.

  2. Choose a good registrar: We use and recommend They are cheap, the website is easy to use, and they focus almost exclusively on domains. This means they won't try to complicate things with unnecessary up-sells. In addition, transferring to and from them is easy, which can't be said of other registrars. You are free to use other registrars if you like, but we recommend using using a U.S. or Canadian registrar as they allow full domain privacy (which is not the case with European registrars - (click here for a list of registrars we recommend avoiding).

  3. Do NOT pick a country-specific domain: Our primary payment processor, Segpay, does NOT accept country-specific domains (e.g. .ca, so you would be limited to just CCBill (more expensive and longer approval times). Click here for a list of country domain extensions.

  4. Don't allow anyone else to register your domain name: It is important that YOU register and maintain control of your own domain name. If someone else registers and controls your domain name, they will have control over your website and can turn it off at any point. They could also hold your domain ransom. We've seen all sorts of problems happen when site administrators do not have control over their own domain name. We hear the following all the time: "My previous web developer has it and won't give it back" and "a member registered it for me and he's no longer responding".

  5. Keep your login information handy and your email address up-to-date: Many times we've discovered that clients have lost their login information. And in some cases, the email address on file at the registrar is old and the client no longer has access to it...a difficult situation. Be sure to keep your login information saved somewhere on your computer.

  6. Pick a name that you can use indefinitely: Try to avoid names that might only be relevant in the short term. Once a domain name is associated with a site, and all your watermarked images are floating around the internet, you don't want to have to change it later because you've switched a few things up in your cam routine. Just because you cam on MFC, no need to include that in your domain name - you might not always cam there - example: Also, we cannot switch the domain for a live site. It has to be completely resubmitted for approval and we have to start from scratch.

  7. Make your domain private: It is VERY important to purchase domain privacy at the time of purchase and ensure that it is ON and that it's set to auto-renew. Without privacy enabled, anyone can view the personal information associated with your domain.

    We also STRONGLY RECOMMEND using your public alias in place of your real name, and enter random address information in the address fields. Even if you purchase privacy, some country-specific domain names like WILL STILL PUBLICLY REVEAL THE INFORMATION IN THE NAME FIELD. There have also been cases of whois data being revealed publicly leaked. offers FREE domain privacy and it's fully private.

  8. Make sure your domain is search engine optimized: If possible, pick a domain name that includes words that you think people will use to search for you - for example we use "". Domain names that include searched keywords will show up higher in search results. You'll also rank higher if your domain does not include hyphens, and is a .com.

Once you are ready to purchase your domain, click here to read out domain buying guide.

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