Although this site is focused on solo sites, there is content in here that will still be relevant to admins with other types of sites. In this guide, you’ll find valuable information that we’ve learned over the last few years making membership sites. We've seen what works, what keeps members around, and what keeps members paying.

Starting your member site is hard work, and you’ll likely be starting with 0 members. But you can grow your member count and revenues steadily if you apply these principles below. There is a DIRECT correlation between the number of these steps that are followed and site revenues. Our highest earning sites do all of these things well.

  • Spend time quality time with your members: The more time you spend with your members, the more members you’ll get, and the more members you’ll retain. This is the single most important element to maintaining your member base. At least 1 member show or hangout each week - If you can do 1 member show per week, that’s great as a minimum, but try your best to do at least one show and one hangout - you’ll develop a much more loyal group. The more loyal, your group is, the more tips you'll receive and lower your churn rate will be (cancellation rate).Member shows don’t always have to be nude “shows”. Most of the time spent with your members really doesn’t have to be performing. Most of your members really just want to hang out and chat with you and with your other members. Schedule non-nude hangouts where you just chat, cook, play video games etc.Be reliable: If you’ve scheduled a member show at a certain time, make sure you are online at that time! Respect your member’s time. Remember that many of them will have rearranged their schedule to spend time with you.Stream while on cam: If you’re already camming on sites like - Use a second computer to stream live to your site as well. The live video feed on your website will be FAR better than the cam sites (especially if you're using a camcorder) and the chat will be a lot friendlier.Multiple constant live streams: If you have the opportunity to do so, experiment with constant live streams and multiple cams. One of our most successful solo sites offered multiple live streams throughout the house. This site had incredibly high retention rates and HUGE member counts.Game with your members - If you're into video games, offer to game with them.
  • Create a sense of community: Members don’t stick around just to see you. I’ve you have a good following and have nurtured a good community, then friendships will form between your members. This will further encourage them to retain their memberships.
  • Release new content regularly: Nothing will kill a member site faster than stale content. New videos should be released at least once per week.If you release one video per week, you would have a library of over 100 videos in two years. The bigger the library, the easier it is to get members.
  • Offer great quality content: Your members are spending money on you, so give back by spending a little money on a good quality camcorder. You can get a great quality camcorder for under 600 USD that will deliver extremely good quality video. We have listed some here that are reasonably priced and will deliver excellent quality. If you can set up camcorder streaming, you will dazzle your members with the quality of your stream(s). We would be happy to give you some further information and ideas if you are considering this.
  • Pricing relative to your content: Consider starting your site with a low price point if you are starting with a small amount of content. Once the size of your library increases and you are able to offer more live shows, you can increase your fees.
  • Promote your site constantly: Your biggest job, other than creating content, will be promoting your site. Follow these tips to help grow your member count:
  • Promote your site while on cam (if allowed): This is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site. You have a captive audience, explain to them the benefits of joining your site.
    Some points to mention are:
    Regular/exclusive content updates
    Members only hangouts
    Higher quality streaming
    Friendly chat
  • Promote your site on social media
    Twitter - Click here to see our Twitter guide.
    Instagram - Click here to see our Instagram guide.
    Facebook - Click here to see our Facebook guide.
    Twitch - If you are a gamer, you need to be on this platform!
  • Promo your site on tube sites - Click here for our tube site guide
  • Watermark your images with your domain name CLEARLY VISIBLE - Click here for our watermarking guide
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