Color Temperature

  • All bulbs daylight balanced
  • Use same brand as some can differ
  • Don’t mix daylight and tungsten

Color temperature tutorials:


White balancing & color temperature settings on the camera lighting placement

3 point lighting

Key light, fill light, back light. Lights placed at 45 degrees from the front of the subject. Fill light is less intense than fill light, smaller bulb or light moved farther away.

Lighting kits

You can get some pretty good starter kits which will do the trick for under $200. Here is one that will get you started:

Lowel EDU

China balls

lighting tutorials:

Lowel EDU:

3-Point Lighting by VideoMaker:

Umbrella Lighting by Polcan99:

China Ball & Dimmer by FilmRiot (and making portable dimmer)

DIY Florescent Light Kit by IndyMogul:

White Balance by PhotoExposed:

Cheap Umbrella Lights on Amazon:

Tom Skowronski's Awesome BFX Audition Video:

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