Log in to your GoDaddy account: mya.godaddy.com

In the DOMAINS section, click DNS of the domain you want to manage:

Click ADD:

Select A:

Enter @ in the Host field and enter in the Points to field and click Save:

Delete any previously existing A records. If there is no edit button, you must first delete the domain forward (see step below):

Scroll down the page and delete any domain forwarding that may be in place:

Refresh the page after deleting domain forwarding.

Test your pointing

After pointing your domain, test it here on this site: https://www.whatsmydns.net/#A/yourdomain.com/

Change yourdomain.com to your domain name and click search:

If pointed correctly, you should see checkmarks like this, although some may take longer than others. If you cannot get checkmarks to show even after waiting 10 minutes, contact support to get help with your domain.

Get help pointing your domain name

If you like us to point your domain name for you. You can set us up with "delegate access" to your GoDaddy account. Click here for instructions.

GoDaddy troubleshooting

A record field displays a value of "Proxied"
If your A record field has a value of "Proxied", this is because you have a protected registration package that is preventing changes from being made to the domain settings. To fix the issue, you'll need to get to the trusted site settings page, and unpublish the trustmark.

Step 1: In a new browser window, copy and paste this URL into the navigation bar but change "mydomain.com" for your domain - click enter:

Step 2: Click the Unpublish Trustmark button and finish process:
If you return to your domain management page and refresh, you should be able to now edit your A record.

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