• Just fingers (no dirty talking)

  • Just fingers ( moderate dirty talking)

  • Just fingers ( filthy dirty talking)

  • Just fingers close up only

  • Just fingers full body view

  • Just fingers in the shower

  • Just fingers on the kitchen counter

  • Just fingers in the bath

  • Just fingers with butt plug

Erotic Story reading

There are lots of websites with erotic stories that you can read. These videos are usually very popular.

Bubble Bath- Bubble bath with each of your toys

Soapy shower- Soapy shower with each of your toys

Beautiful agony

Beautiful agony with medium dirty talking

Beautiful agony with DIRTY dirty talking

Ass fetish

Basically just videos of your ass - rubbing spanking etc. You could make multiple videos featuring different panties. Slower more sensual or faster and harder spanks.

  • Lotion or oil

  • Butt plug with oil or lotion

Foot fetish

  • Rubbing with oil or lotion

  • Washing your feet

  • Playing with your toes

  • Trying on different shoes

  • Feet through nylons

  • Sucking on toes

  • Footjob (real or fake)

Leg fetish

  • Legs in nylons

  • lotion on legs

  • rubbing or touching your legs

  • legs in different shoes or heels

Breast fetish

  • Wet t-shirt

  • Rubbing nipples

  • Lotion or oil on breasts

  • Breasts bouncing

  • Breasts flopping or bouncing out of a tight t-shirt or tank top

  • Squeezing breasts together

  • Squeezing nipples

  • Nipple clamps

  • Licking nipples

Mouth fetish

  • Mouth sucking on lollipops

  • Finger sucking

  • Close up heavy breathing

  • Licking lips

  • Biting lips

  • Popsicles

Hair fetish

  • Washing hair

  • Brushing hair

  • Playing with hair

  • Long hair just covering breasts

  • Rubbing nipples with a strand of long hair

  • Twirling hair


  • Edging on the sybian

  • Cumming with different attachments

  • Cumming with buttplug on sybian

  • Sybian views from front, back, side

  • Sybian with hitachi

  • With oil or Lotion

  • Slow & fast

  • Every attachment

  • Different angles

  • In front of a mirror to get front and back views

  • With nipple clamps

  • Oil or lotion

Monkey Rocker

  • With hitachi

  • With Buttplug

  • Slower more sensual

  • Harder, with spanks, dirtier talking

  • With oil all over your body

  • With rubbing lotion

  • Views from back, front or either side

Themed videos:

  • Waking up and starting to play with yourself and cum: basically a early morning half asleep but rubbing and playing with myself feels good

  • Watching Porn video - All different types of porn ranging from soft-hardcore - You could let the camera see the porn in the video or you could angle it so it doesn't

  • Jerk off instructional video - telling the guys how to touch their dick what to do with it, how fast or slow to go. more pressure, less pressure, when to cum etc

Please let us know if you have any good ideas to add to this list!

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