Promo videos

Although it’s not necessary, we recommend producing short promo videos for each full-length video that can be played in the tour section of your website. When you’re finished editing each full-length video, take small snippets of the full length and create a 30-second summary.


You’ll want to include an opening title sequence for the full length and promo. For the promo you should add an additional closing sequence. For the opening titles, include the name of the video and you may also want to include who it features. For the closing sequence in your promo videos, you can include some text about what they’re going to see in the video and other videos and how they can join now for just $10, or $9.95 or whatever your weekly pricing might be. Make sure the closing title sequence is at least 10 seconds long.

Here are some examples:

  • “Watch this up close video of me fucking my little pussy today on your-site-name – only $10 to join!”
  • “Watch me lick, slurp and suck on this tasty treat right now on your-site-name – only 10 dollars gets you access to over 80 of my videos”
  • “Watch me cum in this magical patch of sunlight right now on your-site-name – only 10 dollars gets you access to over 80 videos”
  • “Watch my super hot and soapy shower right now on your-site-name – Join now for only 10 dollars.”
  • “This very sensual jerkoff instruction video is now up on your-site-name – 10 dollars only to join”
  • “If you like to be teased and turned on, you’re going to love my latest video. – Check it out now on your-site-name – 10 dollars only!”
  • “Get the full lentgh bubbles and pearls vido on your-site-name – over 50 videos for only 10 dollars!”
  • “Watch my first ever foot fetish video right now on your-site-name – only 10 dollars for over 75 videos!”
  • “Listen to my hot jerk off instructions while I slowly touch my body right now on your-site-name – Join now for only 10 dollars”
  • “A little taste to get you in the holiday spirit right now on your-site-name – Join for only 10 dollars”
  • “Watch me get fucked by this super realistic big toy, cum and then enjoy the cream dripping out of me – right now on your-site-name”
  • “Let’s roleplay…you’re the rich business man and I’m the expensive…come find out… – Get the full lenth 21 minute video now on your-site-name!”


You can either use a standard san-serif font or use a font that will match what you have on your site. If you want to match fonts, visit: and get a font from there.

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