Price in relation to dollars
We suggest pricing your credits relative to 1 USD with a ratio close to 1:1 (1 credit = 1 USD) for your smallest package. For example, you could offer a "Bronze package" of 100 credits for $89.95 and a "Silver package" of 200 credits for $169.95 - a 15% savings. Pricing your credits close to a 1:1 ratio will be less confusing when assigning credit pricing to your other products.

Offer a discount over credit card purchases
Offer packages that present a savings to your members over traditional credit card purchases. Offer increasing value with larger credit package to encourage members to buy as many credits up front as possible.

Credit calculator
We have created a handy Google Sheet credit pricing calculator that you can play around with to figure out what prices you want to offer: Click here for the AMS credit package calculator (you must have a Google account).

Default credit packages
We have stocked your store with some default credit packages that are ready to go. You are free to use these as they are.

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