Smartphones nowadays have very good cameras. If you follow a few simple rules and get a little additional gear, you can turn your phone into a professional video recording and streaming system comparable to a great quality camcorder. Although these are not absolutely necessary, they are highly recommended.

Tips & tricks

Hold your phone sideways when recording

Holding your phone sideways will ensure that your videos are in the correct aspect ratio for your site(16:9). Here's a great video that goes into a little further detail:Ā 



There are lots available from your local retailer or online. Here's one that we've found is good and reasonably priced:

Note that you can also get an attachment that will allow you to attach your phone to a regular tripod. Ā An search will give you lots of results .


You'll want to get an external "shotgun" microphone for your camera. This will allow your camera to pick up great sound even if you are 2 or 3 feet away. A great solution is the "Rode VideoMic Me" Ā available here on Amazon for 60 USD. Here's a great video discussing this mic and some other more advanced options:


A good lens attachment this will improve the quality of the image. If you get a wide-angle lens, it will allow you to capture more of your scene. Here's a great video discussing a couple of the many available options.

There are many options available on Amazon. Do some research and pick a kit that matches your budget.

Other useful videos

Here are some other videos we've found interesting/useful:

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