To stream live from your iOS device, you must download a software encoder. While there are many different software options available, we recommend "Wowza GoCoder". 

Install & configure app

Download the "Wowza GoCoder" application from itunes and install.

Launch the Wowza GoCoder app on your iOS device.
An instructional overlay image is displayed on top of the application after it launches:

The overlay provides a brief description of each of the app's buttons. To dismiss it, tap anywhere on the screen. To dismiss the overlay image permanently, tap the X character. 


  • To show the help overlay on app startup again, tap the Options button in the upper-right corner of the app, tap More Options, and then toggle Show Help Screen.  
  • For devices that don't have an LED flash for the rear-facing (iSight) camera, only he Switch camera button is available in the upper-left corner of the app: 

The camera button isn't displayed on iPhone (3GS and later) devices, which have only a front-facing (FaceTime) camera.

Configure server info

To specify the Wowza media server information, tap the Connect button (the Wowza gear icon) in the upper-right corner of the app.  

On the Connect To page, tap Wowza Streaming Engine.

Click Host:

Enter the following into the Server field and then tap Back:

Enter stream information

Tap Application

  • Enter live in the Application field.
  • In the Stream Name field, enter your stream name which is found on your Live cam settings page.
  • Click Done.

Tap Source Authentication, enter the Source Username and Source Password (Username and Password found on your Live cam settings page), and then tap Done

Allow Rotated Video

Tap the Options button in the upper-right corner of the app to display the Options page. Tap Video Settings, and enable Allow Rotated Video.  This will make the video output to match the orientation of the camera. Tap Done.

Set video size

Tap Video Size, select the largest video size available. Tap Done:

Set Auto Restart

Auto Restart will restart your stream automatically if your connection is dropped. Toggle the Auto Restart button to ON:

Specify bitrate

To specify the video bitrate tap the bitrate button in the lower-left corner of the app to show the available bitrates. In the bitrate bar, select the highest bitrate value that your upload speed will allow. 

A good default bitrate is 1000 kbs although if your internet upload speed allows for it,  you can increase this value. You'll want to have at least couple of mbps of additional capacity. You can test your upload speed here. That the results will be in mbps, not kbps - 1,000 kbps (kilobit) = 1 mbps (megabit). 

Here's a guide: 

  • 1000 kbps requires at least 2 mbps
  • 2500 kbps requires at least 4 mbps
  • 3750 kbps requires at least 6 mbps
  • 5000 kbps requires at least 8 mbps

Start your stream

To start your stream, click the red start button:

Other tips

  • Turn the volume down on the video player on your website to avoid an audio feedback loop.
  • Hold the phone sideways to ensure that the video orientation matches that of the player on your website. 
  • Check out our Mobile phone gear guide to find out what sort of accessories you can get for your phone to improve the live stream experience for your members.
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