In order to be approved, all of your site's content must adhere to our Content Policy, all of your cast members/models must be entered correctly, and any other steps shown on your homepage must be completed.  

Using a non-custom domain name

If you are using the non-custom domain name provided, then you will be able to launch your site immediately after approval. We can usually get you approved within several hours of you submitting for review, provided there are no issues with your site.

Using a custom domain name

If you are using a custom domain, the process takes a little longer as we have to submit your site to our payment processors:

  • Segpay / PayPal approval usually takes 3-5 business days, ALTHOUGH THERE CAN BE DELAYS. We will reach out to them if things are taking longer than usual.

  • CCBill approval can be up to 21 business days. 

After receiving approval from ANY of the processors, you can launch right away. 

Can I add content during site review?
Can I change prices during site review?

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