When you refer a client to AMS, you will receive a percentage of what we make on their site. You'll also receive additional percentage points for any site that hits certain revenue levels. Details can be found on your Payouts and Fees page.

How do I refer clients to AMS? 

You must first create a "referral link". You can then give out this link to anyone you would like to refer. Referrals clicking this link will be brought to a registration page where they create an account. They are then your referral. 

How do I create a referral link?

At the top of the admin, click Referrals:

Click the button to create a new referral link:

Enter any notes associated with this referral link e.g. "Referral link for Twitter" and click save button:

Click Copy button to copy the link:

Share this link with anyone you would like to refer.

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