Payouts are done AUTOMATICALLY every 2 weeks. 

When are the pay periods?
Payouts are processed every second Thursday for the previous pay period (ending 2 weeks prior). You can see the payout schedule and your payout amounts in the financials > payouts section.

Why is there a 2 week delay (hold back) at the end of the pay period?
There is a 2 week delay (hold back) because payouts from our payment processors are delayed by 2 weeks.  If a member pays $100 today, we receive that $100 14 days later. Payment processors have this "hold back" period to guard against fraud.

Is there a minimum payout?

Yes, the minimum payout is 25 USD. Payouts are carried forward until your payout is at least 25 USD.

What payout options are available?
Information on payment method options can be found in this Help Center article

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