Login to your 1&1 account


Click the "Manage Domain" button:

Click "DNS Settings"

IF "Name servers" is NOT set to "1&1 name servers", click the "Use 1&1 Default Settings" button and save the changes:

Point the A record

In the "A/AAA Records" section, add to the "IPv4 Address" field:

Point the www

Create a new subdomain:

Enter www into the field and click "Create Subdomain":

Click "Edit Destination":

Select "Redirect" and enter your domain name starting with http:// and click "Save":

Add domain to AMS Admin

On the homepage of the AMS Admin, select the custom domain option:

Enter your domain name:

If the domain is pointed correctly, you should see green check marks in the domain status section. 

If you don't see green check marks after 30 minutes, please contact us via the live chat in the bottom right corner and provide us with your domain registrar login information and we can help. 

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