Marketing your site on one of the major tube sites is HIGHLY recommended. We've seen excellent results with  

Getting started

  • Create an account on a tube site that you would like to work with.

  • Create a 10-minute video and upload it asap to start getting followers. 

  • After posting a few 10-minute videos, you can start posting "promo" videos, small, short versions of your featured content on your site. 

Tube site tips and tricks

  • Release FULL LENGTH videos: Uploading longer videos will make a MASSIVE difference to the number of views your videos get. Longer videos = more views. For example a short video that the Peacocks released got 5000 views in a week, but a long video got 20,000 views in 2 days. 

  • Allow downloads only from your site: Turn OFF PornHub downloads and mention that non-members can download videos from your site. To do this, you will have to visit the PornHub download manager on your desktop or laptop (this option is not available on mobile). Allow paid downloads for non-members in AMS, and be sure this is mentioned in your video titles: Example: "Downloads available for non-members for just $10 at!" 

  • Keep your best content exclusively for your site: After launching of your site, never release a feature film with someone other than yourself (if solo site). Save the best content for your site. Anything with guest stars restrict to only a promo vid.

  • Post at least once a month: Add a 10 minute video every 1-3 months to ensure your account is still appears active.

  • Have your performer IDs in order: PornHub requires 2 IDs for each performer. Ensure that you have these ready to upload.

  • Try compilation videos: Every so often, upload a compilation video which showcases short clips of many of your videos. Compilations are great because they can be longer than 5 minutes and they showcase a lot of your content without giving it away for free. 

Need help driving traffic?

Mr. Peacock is available for marketing help; both tube site assistance and social media. He can help you DRAMATICALLY increase your traffic.

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