What is a domain redirect?
A domain redirect sends visitors coming via outdated/broken links to new pages on your AMS website. If moving from a different platform (e.g. WordPress), link structures on that site will likely be different. You'll want to create redirects so that those links still take visitors to the correct page, instead of displaying a page not found error.

Old site: yourdomain.com/models/modelname
AMS site: yourdomain.com/model-name

What type of redirects do you use?
We use 301 redirects. 301 redirects tell search engines that the link has permanently changed, so your search engine profile will be automatically updated. This has a positive effect on your SEO.  Here's an article that discusses redirection and its effects on SEO in greater detail.

How do I set up domain redirects?
You can set these up on your Domain Redirects page.


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