The AdultMemberSites White Label service allows site admins to remove ALL AMS branding, and replace it with their own. It also allows site admins to use their own Payment processor account (this is a requirement).

White Label cost


Setup fees are typically 500 USD, but may be higher (depending on the complexity of the integration and migration).

Monthly fees

We charge a percentage of gross USD revenues with a minimum fee of 500 USD per month.

Up to USD 25,000


Up to USD 50,000


Up to USD 75,000


Up to USD 100,000


Up to USD 125,000


USD 150,000 and above


Can I switch to the White Label AFTER launching without the White Label service?

Yes, you can switch to a White Label service later. It would require a little work to migrate subscriptions from our payment processor accounts to yours but it is possible.

Can you help me find a payment processor?

Yes! We can certainly help you find a processing solution that's best for your needs. We have years of experience negotiating rates and know what questions to ask and what to push for when negotiating. We can usually save you a few percentage points over an above what you might be able to get on your own.

Are there any disadvantages to being a White Label client?

  • White Label clients are not able to use the AMS payment processors. So your members' payment options will be limited to the payment processors that you are able to provide, and you will likely pay higher processing fees that you will pay using our processors.

  • Your payment processors will likely charge you 1,000 USD per year.

What AdultMemberSites branding/info is switched to my own?

Everything referring to AdultMemberSites will be removed and replaced with your own. This includes:

  • Site footer

  • Legal docs (Terms of Use, 2257, DMCA, Privacy Policy pages)

  • Member support bots and live chat support with branded email (

Do you still provide support for my members?

Yes! We will still fully support your members via branded chat and support email addresses.

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