What is the White Label service?

Our White Label service allows site administrators to remove ALL AMS branding and replace it with their own. It also allows site administrators to use their own Payment Gateway account(s). 

What are the White Label requirements?

White Label clients are required to have their OWN payment gateway account. 

How much does the White Label service cost?

Setup fees start at 500 USD (depending on the complexity of the
integration/migration). Once up and running we charge between 10% - 5% of revenues depending on volume. Note that most payment gateways charge 1000 USD per year for Visa and Master Card registration fees.

Are there any disadvantages to being a White Label client?

  • White Label clients are not able to use the AMS payment gateways. So your members' payment options will be limited to the payment gateways that you are able to provide. 
  • Your payment gateways will likely charge you 1,000 USD per year.

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