What is the model registration system?

Our customizeable model registration system allows you to include a registration form on your site that allows models to apply to work with you. 

How does the registration system work?

When models complete the registration form, they are entered into the system and are must wait for your review. Once accepted, models will be allowed to proceed with the setup of their site. 

How do I turn it ON/OFF? Is it optional?

Yes, the model registration form is completely optional. When turned ON, a "model signup" link will appear on your site in the main navigation. Turning it OFF will hide it from the main navigation. You can find this ON/OFF toggle on the registration form page. You can turn it on or off at any time and registered models will not be affected.

What happens when a model registers? Who reviews the application?

You review the application. You will receive an email notification letting you know that you have received a new registration. You can click the link in the email or click the "SHOW" link to see a list of models awaiting approval. 

If accepted the model will receive a customizeable email notification with a link to continue building their site. They will then be led through an invading wizard that will guide them through the steps. You'll receive an email 

Can I use my own model agreement?

Only our white label clients are able to customize their model agreements.

What do the models see after they fill out the registration form?

Immediately after completing the registration form, they'll see a customizeable message telling them that their registration is under review. If accepted, they will be given access to their profile page where they can begin setting up their site. 

When models register, are they set up as a model on my site or are they set up as an administrator on their own separate site?

They are set up as a model on your site.

Test yourself with a test model

We HIGHLY recommend testing the registration form yourself using a test model with a unique email address that you can check. This will allow you to see what the model sees. Be sure to use a different browser when acting as the model. 

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