What model statuses are there and what do they mean?

All models on your site are assigned a status which indicates where their site is in the set up process. 

  • Awaiting initial approval
    Model has registered and is waiting for you to review and approve their application. If you approve them, they will receive a customizeable email letting them know that they've been approved and can now login and start building their site. If you reject the model, the system will send them a customizeable rejection email
  • In progress
    You have manually added the model, or they have registered and been approved. Model will keep this status until they submit for final approval. 
  • Awaiting final approval
    Once model has completed the site setup steps, they will have the option to click the submit for final approval button. When this occurs, they will be tagged with "Awaiting final approval" and will receive a customizable email and you'll receive an alert. 
  • Approved
    Model will tagged with "Approved" once final approval has been given. They are now free to go live when they are ready. The model will receive a customizable email and will then be able to launch when they chose. 
  • Live
    A model will be tagged with the "Live" status once they click the launch button to set their site live. You will receive an alert and they will receive a customizeable
  • Closed
    Model site/account has been closed.

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