How do I block a region?

In My site > Settings, you will see options for blocking US states, Canadian provinces and entire countries.

Can I block my own region?

Yes, you can block your own region in My site > Settings > Blocked regions. In fact, that's what most people use the blocking for. Any IP address that you log into the admin from will automatically be added to your whitelist. This ensures that you will not be blocked when viewing your site if you are in a blocked region. If you view your site as a member, but find that you are blocked, you will need to add your IP address to the IP whitelist.

Blocking people with accounts

You can block people via My site > Settings > Blocked members. On this page, you can select individual user accounts to block. Search and click the member name and they will be blocked. You can also block members via the menu bar in the live chat or member details pages:

IP whitelist

The IP whitelist allows certain IP addresses through any blocks.

Blocking by IP address

Blocking via specific IP address can be done in My site > Settings > IP blacklist. Click Add to blacklist, then add the user's IP address. Please note that this is never 100% effective, as the person may visit from another IP address.

What is an IP address?

An IP address is a unique address that identifies a computer on the internet. You can read more on IP addresses here.

What do blocked people see?

People with blocked IP or email addresses, or visiting from within a blocked region will see a simple "error" page which does not give any indication that they are blocked. If they reach out to support, we will make a judgement call about how we respond based on why they are blocked.

Here's what they will see:

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