You are NOT permitted to advertise, display, transmit, or refer to the following, (including suggestive content, and cartoons/animations, spoken words, in titles/credits, images, or descriptions etc.) on your site (or any external linked sites):

  1. Bestiality and non-human characters
    Sex or masturbation with animals, or sex or masturbation with non-humans (vampires, aliens, etc.). This includes Halloween costumes
    Banned words (including any variations not listed):
    Dog sex
    Farm Sex
    Q: Does this include the use of cosplay ears?
    A: Depictions of individuals wearing only cosplay ears are usually acceptable, however, depictions of individuals wearing full animal/furry/creature costumes are not permitted.
    Q: Is hentai acceptable?
    A: Yes, as long as the content within the hentai still must adhere to the rest of this policy.
    Q: Are witches and vampires acceptable?
    A: No, they are considered non-human entities - AND simulated or real blood is not allowed.
    Q: Are elves, fairies, fauns or demons acceptable?
    A: No, they are considered non-human entities.
    Q: Are tail plugs acceptable?
    A: Tail plugs are acceptable as long as the individuals wearing the plugs are not attempting to depict non-human characters.
    Q: Is giantess content acceptable?
    A: Yes, as long as it also adheres to the rest of this policy.

  2. Blood / urine / feces / mutilation
    - Feces & blood: Elimination, or the sound of elimination (simulated or real) of feces or blood is not allowed.
    - Urine: Urinating (simulated or real) IS allowed as long as it the model is not urinating on another person. Drinking urine is NOT allowed.
    - Mutilation: Any form of body mutilation (simulated or real) is not allowed.
    Banned words (including any variations not listed):
    Bleed (all variations: bleeding, etc.)
    Menstrual (all variations: menstruating, menstruation, etc.)
    Murder (all variations: murdered, etc.)
    Mutilate (all variations: mutilated, etc.)
    Piss (all variations: pissing, etc.)
    Urinate (all variations: urination, urinating, etc.)
    Q: Is peeing acceptable as long as no one is being peed on?
    A: Yes, peeing is allowed as long as no one is being peed on (even the model peeing). For example, peeing into a glass, or onto the floor is acceptable.
    Q: Is menstrual blood acceptable?
    A: Unfortunately, not at this time.
    Q: Is piercing someone's ears or nipples (or other body part) allowed?
    A: Unfortunately, not at this time.
    Q: Is flatulence acceptable?
    A: Yes, flatulence is acceptable

  3. Counterfeit or copyright infringing merchandise

  4. Drugs (illegal) / drugged / incapacitated
    - Drugs or alcohol, or consumption of drugs or alcohol (real or simulated), or sexual activity with someone who is intoxicated or hypnotized (real or simulated).
    - Open containers of alcohol.
    - Images of drugs or drug symbols.
    Banned words (including any variations not listed):
    Blacked out
    Drugs (all variations: drugged, drugging)
    Drunk (all variations: drunken etc.)
    Hypnotize (all variations: hypnotized, etc.)
    Incapacitate (all variations: Incapacitated, incapacitation, etc.)
    Intoxicate (all variations: intoxicated, etc.)
    Paralyzed / paralysed (all variations: paralyze etc.)
    Passed out
    Sedate (all variations: sedation, sedated etc.)
    Sleep (all variations: sleeping, slept, slumber, snooze, etc.)
    Q: Is smoking or showing weed/pot acceptable, even if it’s legal where I live?
    A: Not at this time.
    Q: Can I smoke a CBD joint or vape?
    A: Not at this time.
    Q: Is it ok to feature marijuana logos or theme? e.g. on clothing or background posters.
    A: Not at this time. We just need to completely steer clear of anything drug related.

  5. Harmful or fraudulent activities
    Activities that may be harmful to others, our operation or reputation, including offering or disseminating fraudulent goods, services, schemes, or promotions (e.g., make-money-fast schemes, Ponzi and pyramid schemes, phishing, or pharming), or engaging in other deceptive practices.  

  6. Hate crimes (Depictions of/references to)

  7. Illegal activities
    Any illegal activities, including advertising, transmitting, or otherwise making available sites or services or disseminating, promoting such activity.  

  8. Infringing content
    Content that infringes or misappropriates the intellectual property or proprietary rights of others.
    Q: Can I wear a Darth Vader mask?
    A: No, that is a trademark violation. Any trademarked content must not be a main feature or the focus of the picture or video - e.g. Wearing a Darth Vader mask or calling the video “Star Wars Girl”.

  9. Incest
    Sexual activity (real or fantasy) between two persons closely related or commonly regarded as too closely related to marry.
    Banned words (including any variations not listed):
    Daddy (stepdad, stepdaddy is ok)
    Mommy (stepmom, stepmommy is ok)
    Son (stepson is ok)
    Daughter (stepdaughter is ok)
    Q: Can I pretend to be a blood relative?
    A: There can be no depictions (real or fantasy) between blood relative.
    Q: Are stepparent/stepchild scenarios ok?
    A: Yes, as long as it is made VERY clear that it’s a step relationship and they are not blood relatives.
    Q: Can a model refer to another model as "mommy" or "daddy"?
    A: Referring to other models as mommy or daddy is acceptable as long as there is no suggestion of incest.
    Q: What if the words father, sister, etc. are used in a religious context (e.g. Father John and Sister Mary...)?
    A: This is ok as long as there is no suggestion of incest.
    - No depictions of sexual acts between blood relatives.
    - None of the banned words listed above in titles or descriptions.
    - Stepparent/stepchild is ok as long as the relation is made clear.

  10. Money / gambling / raffles / contents / tributes / donations /  worship
    Images of currency (real or drawn), any games of chance.
    Any money sent must be in exchange for services or items receive. For example a live show, or a digital photo.

    Banned words (including any variations not listed):
    Tribute - Use the term "gift" or "tip" instead

  11. Necrophilia
    Simulated or suggested sexual activity with a corpse (real or suggested)
    Banned words (including any variations not listed):

  12. Pedophilia / child pornography (anyone under the age of 18)
    Simulated or suggested sexual activity with anyone under the age of 18, or APPEARING to be under the age of 18.
    Banned words (including any variations not listed):
    Child (all variations: children, etc.)
    Jail bait
    Kid (all variations: kids, etc.)
    Q: Would adult diaper play be acceptable - if it was made absolutely clear that I was of age?
    A: We can accept diaper content if there are NO human waste (or depictions of human waste etc.). The diapers must be clean and NOT open.

  13. Prostitution or in-person meetings of any kind
    Mention of in-person meetings with members for any reason is not permitted, even advertised as non-intimate.
    Banned words (including any variations not listed):
    Prostitute (all variations: prostitution, etc.)
    Whore (all variations: whoring etc.)
    Q: Can I list brothel information?
    A: No. No content can promote brothels or escort services or in-person meetings.

  14. Rape / brutality / non-consent
    - Abortion
    - Being held without consent - forced/non-consensual sexual activity of any kind
    - Caning
    - Cutting off of airflow
    - Extreme spanking (purple coloration or broken skin)
    - Extreme violence
    - Extreme bruising, welting or bloodletting
    - Gore
    - Injury including bleeding, bruising, or broken skin
    - Piercing
    - Punching or kicking
    - Sexual activity with someone who is sleeping
    - Suffocation or asphyxiation (e.g. hanging by the neck, plastic bag over the head, nose and mouth being covered simultaneously, etc.)
    - Stabbing
    - Urethral or cervical penetration (anal or vaginal penetration is fine)
    Banned words (including any variations not listed):
    Abduct (all variations: abducted, abducting etc.)
    Asphyxia (all variations: asphyxiate, asphyxiation etc.)
    Black out, blacked out
    Cervical (all variations: cervix, etc.)
    Chloroform (all variations: Chloroformed
    Force (all variations: forced, forces, etc.)
    Knock out
    Molest (all variations: molestation, molested, etc.)
    Rape (all variations: raped, raping, etc.)
    Slave (all variations: slavery, etc.)
    Sleep (all  variations: slumber, be asleep, etc.)
    Strangle (all variations: strangled, strangling, strangulation, etc.)
    Urethra (all variations: urethral, etc.)
    Q: Is breath play acceptable?
    A: Yes, as long as there is no depiction of being suffocated during, or while performing a sexual act, AND that there is no indication that the person may be in an altered state (and thus not able to properly consent). The model must always appear to be in control.
    Q: Is choking acceptable?
    A: Depictions of choking are normally acceptable unless they appear extremely violent or non-consensual.
    Q: Are there any BDSM activities that are acceptable?
    A: Bondage, spanking, flogging, and other BDSM activities are generally permitted, as long as the depictions are not extremely violent and do not contain extreme welting or bloodletting.
    Q: Are the use of handcuffs ok?
    A: Yes, as long as everything appears to be consensual and the handcuffs do not leave bruising or blood marks on the skin.

  15. Weapons
    Weapons of any kind (e.g. Guns, knives, etc.).
    Any object (e.g. Gun, rock, sharp object, clubbing device, pepper spray, etc.) should not be used as a weapon to threaten/coerce/force a person into sexual activity.
    Q: Is a steampunk theme acceptable where the weapon is part of a costume?
    A: As long as any weapons are not realistic replicas, and are clearly a part of a model’s costume, then they would be permitted.
    Q: Would a sheathed sword as part of a costume be ok?
    A: Yes, if it's sheathed at all times, and not used in any way that might be construed as forced sexual activity, non-consensual acts, or violence.

Items for sale in your store

  • All items for sale in your store must comply with this Content Policy.

  • No physical items can be contaminated with any bodily fluids.

  • All used clothing and underwear must be cleaned before shipping.

Miscellaneous  FAQs

Q: Why are your rules so restrictive?
A: While many of these rules are no brainers (pedophilia, non-consent, etc.), many of the other restrictions may seem odd and draconian (images of currency, elves, fairies etc.). These are restrictions placed on us by our US-based payment processing partners. To keep the major credit card companies happy, a payment processors must draw a very clear line around what is acceptable and what is not.
Q: Why are there banned words?
A: Visa and MasterCard crawl your site periodically to scan for these words. If any of these banned words are included, your site is flagged for review by a human - that’s never a good thing.  

Q: Can I list any of these banned words, if it’s in the context of what is NOT allowed? For example, what I won’t do during privates…
A: No. This would result in your site eventually being flagged by Visa and MasterCard’s automatic, recurring  compliance scan. Although the flag would later be cleared after a manual review, it would attract unwanted scrutiny, which is never a good thing. A compliance employee could dig until they found an actual violation -  and the “violations” can be pretty subjective. 

Q: Are restricted words only for titles and description?
A: Banned words are generally meant for content titles and descriptions, however, themes and depictions in the videos must be compliant with the payment processor that you have assigned to your account.  

Q: Is MILF, sissification, and diaper discipline acceptable? This would not be age play (no one is pretending to be a minor), but rather, adults being humiliated by being treated like a kid.
A: MILF and sissification content is generally acceptable. Diaper and adult baby content IS permitted if the diapers are CLEAN and not open.  

Q: Can I do blackmail fantasy?
A: Yes, as longs as it’s clear that it’s fantasy and not actual blackmail and adheres to the rest of the items in this content policy. 

Q: Can I offer humiliation fantasy?
A: Yes, as long as it also adheres to the rest of this policy. 

Q: Is eating food and/or penetration with vegetables acceptable?
A: Yes, as long as it also adheres to the rest of this policy.

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