What are photosets?

Photosets are groups of photos from the same shoot (or a similar theme) that is reserved for paying members only.

What are the best dimensions for photoset photos?

There are no specific requirements for dimensions for individual photos, but we recommend uploading high-resolution photos. Photos are resized and optimized by the system so uploading full-size originals will ensure the best quality. Please note that if you allow your photos to be downloaded, it will be the originals that you uploaded that are made available to the member for download.

How many photosets should I start out with?

It really depends on how many you have finished. Ideally, you want to be able to trickle out content. Releasing one photoset and video per week is great and will keep things fresh for your members. If you already have 100 photosets, start with 50 and trickle the rest out. If you have 5, start with 2 or 3.

Also, there is no requirement to have photosets, if that's not what feel like offering. It's YOUR site.

What is the recommended number of photos per photoset?

We recommend between 10-50 photos per photoset. Photosets larger than this may affect the user if they are on a slower device.

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