Updated Jan 11, 2022

We are actively working as fast as possible to replace our old app/platform with a brand new system. Once all features that exist in the old app are available in the new app, all clients will be migrated over. You can optionally migrate to the new app any time before then, just contact support to start the process. We do, however, recommend creating a test account so you can kick the tires first.

Features NOT yet available on the new app that ARE available on the old app

  • Live stream

  • Fundraisers

  • Model microsites

  • Blog

These features WILL be released in the new app in the coming weeks. You will be notified about all new releases.

Benefits of new app

  • The new app is a complete rebuild from the ground up and includes loads of bug fixes and improvements to content delivery

  • Your site is installable as an app to your members

  • Fully mobile friendly

  • Improved user interface - easier to use

  • More features and improvements released every week

Can I switch from new to old and back?

We can easily switch you from the new app to the old, or the other way around. We cannot, however, perform this switch if your site is currently awaiting approval from our payment processors.

Migration FAQs

Will all my content be migrated?

Yes, all of your content will be automatically migrated to the new system. This includes all content titles, descriptions, tags, categories etc. During the migration process, all of the original videos will be re-encoded at much higher-quality.

Will I have to redesign my site?

You don't HAVE to but we would recommend reviewing the design section to ensure everything is optimized after migration. Let us know if and when you need assistance with your design on the new system.

How long does migration take?

This depends on the size of your video library. If you have less than 250 videos, it could take less than a day. If you have more than that it could take a few days.

Is this an app I can find in the app stores?
No. Since the app stores don't allow adult content, we are using a different method. We will have more information next week.

When will all clients be forced to migrate from the old system?

First part of 2022.

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