Store version 1 released

We have released version 1 of the store in the new app. Features include:

  • Ability to add custom categories

  • Ability to future publish items

Coming soon in version 2

  • Access restrictions

  • Discounts for certain memberships

  • Ability to sell digital downloads for things like ebooks

  • Detailed stats

Chat version 1 released

We have released version 1 of the new chat system (for the new app). Features include:

  • Group and private chats

  • Options to enable/disable live chat and private chats

  • Ability to mute members

  • Like, reply, delete comments

  • Emojis

  • Chat popups AND a dedicated chat page to easily manage multiple private chat

Additional new features, improvements and bug fixes (new app)

  • New feature: Ability to download originally uploaded video and photosets

  • New feature: Ability to add videos to multiple collections

  • Improvement: Increase in compression quality of story photos

  • Improvement: Poster image section improvements

  • Improvement: Content cards with 0 comments no longer show comment counts

  • Improvement: Updates to the poster selection page

  • Improvement: Improvements to the member join & payment flow

  • Improvement: Redesigned payout preferences page (paxum, cosmopayments and new bank deposit options)

  • Bug fix: Fixed issues with preview my site

There are over 75 smaller fixes and improvements in addition to those listed above These include small adjustments to the interface, text changes etc.

Chat version 2 coming soon

We are now finishing the next batch of chat features which include:

  • Wallet system to support micro-payments & tips

  • Ability to pin messages

  • Ability to send video, photos and voice messages

  • Pay-per-message pricing

  • Complimentary messages

  • Pay-to-unlock

  • Notification muting per member

  • GIFs

  • Chat archive & sorting options

  • Email notifications & in-app notifications with inline replies

Moving to the new app/platform (new app / v.s. old app)

If you are currently using the old app/platform and are interested in migrating to the new app to take advantage of these new features, please view this Help Center article first.


As always, we REALLY appreciate feedback, especially constructive criticism or feature suggestions. Click here to leave feedback.

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