How can I chat with my members?

You can chat with your members via the chat system.

Can I turn off the live chat?

Yes. You can turn off either the group chat, or private chat, or both. This can be done on the Chat > Chat settings page.

Can I offer pay-per-message?

Yes, you can set pay-per-message prices on the Chat > Chat settings page.

What features are coming soon to the chat?

We are now working on the next batch of features which include:

  • Ability to pin messages.

  • Ability to send video, photos and voice messages.

  • Ability to set pay-per-message prices for all media types.

  • Ability to offer X free messages each month to members.

  • Pay-to-unlock messages for all media types.

  • Notification muting per member.

  • GIFs.

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