We are excited to announce the first batch of updates to the design options for the new app. Note that this is just version 1, we will have many more design features out in the near future.

Site header

My site > Design > Homepage

  • Upload an image or looping video for your site header

  • Edit text header and subheader

  • Optional gradients

App icon designer

My site > Design > Logo

Customize the logo for your site's installable mobile app. Your custom icon will show on your members' phone and on app startup page.

Logo designer

My site > Design > Logo

Upload a custom logo, or use our text logo generator to show a personalized logo in your app.

About me/us section

My site > Design > Homepage > About

  • Add an optional about me/us section to your homepage

  • Add social media links


My site > Settings

  • Block regions

  • Create white lists and blacklists

  • Your IP is automatically added to the whitelist to prevent you from blocking yourself

Domain redirects

My site > Settings > 301 redirects

If you are migrating from another platform, you will want to ensure all of your previous links are re-pointed properly. Use our redirects to ensure none of your previous links go to error pages.

Other new features and bug fixes

  • New feature: Video and photoset autoplay on story mouseover

  • Ability to unblock member commenting

  • Bug fix: Filter scroll on iOS

  • Bug fix: emojis not being saved in membership titles and descriptions

  • Bug fix: Can't select more than one free member

  • Bug fix: User returns to previous story after clicking comments

  • Bug fix: Comment count now includes replies

Moving to the new app/platform (new app / v.s. old app)

If you are currently using the old app/platform and are interested in migrating to the new app to take advantage of these new features, please view this Help Center article first.


As always, we REALLY appreciate feedback, especially constructive criticism or feature suggestions. Click here to leave feedback.

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