We are excited to announce the first release (version 1) of our wallet and pay-per-message systems. Here's a summary of what's included in this release:

Charge members per private message

  • Set pricing for individual private messages sent my member

  • Offer complimentary private messages for new members or all members every 30 days

  • More info in this article.

Wallet payments

  • Members can now keep a USD wallet balance to pay for micro transactions like pay-per-message, tips or content

  • See detailed site-wide wallet activity on your Wallet activity page

Other notable new features and bug fixes

  • New feature: Video and photoset auto-play on story mouseover

  • New feature: Tips from wallet or credit card

  • Bug fix: Ability to unblock member commenting

  • Bug fix: Filter scroll on iOS

  • Bug fix: emojis not being saved in membership titles and descriptions

  • Bug fix: Can't select more than one free member

  • Bug fix: User returns to previous story after clicking comments

  • Bug fix: Comment count now includes replies

Moving to the new app/platform (new app vs old app)

If you are currently using the old app/platform and are interested in migrating to the new app to take advantage of these new features, please view this Help Center article first.

Feedback & feature requests

We REALLY appreciate feedback, especially constructive criticism or feature suggestions. Click here to leave feature requests in our feedback system.

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