We are very excited to announce a new mass messenger, content locks (pay-to-stream), automated release announcements and custom pages. Here's what's included in this release:

Mass messenger

  • Filter recipients by membership status. Send messages only to active members, expired members, mailing list subscribers etc.

  • Personalize your messages by including personal attributes in your messages.

Locked content

  • Set prices to "unlock" videos & photosets.

  • Specify pricing based on membership status.

  • Include locked content on your main content pages.

Content announcements for new videos and photosets

Customizeable announcements to members after posting new content via new publish tab.

  • Customize and personalize your default auto announcements.

  • Customize your messages right before sending.

  • Auto tweets coming soon.

  • Customizeable templates coming soon.

New email designs

Emails sent from the system now have a fresh new look and feel.

  • Your logo, links and buttons now match your site's color theme.

  • Large poster images.

New messaging & notification flow

Our new mass messenger and auto notification system automatically directs messages to the best channel for each recipient, either private message, email, or both. The messenger will ensure maximum delivery without annoying members with redundant messaging. Read more.

Custom pages

You can now add pages with custom content to your site.

  • Restrict access based on membership status.

  • Schedule custom page publication.

  • Upload photo or looping video header.

  • Upload photosets.

  • More custom page improvements and features coming.

Coming soon

We are working quickly to bring you new features as fast as possible. In addition to the many small updates that are released each week, Here are the MAJOR features in the queue and rough release time estimates:

  • More notification and messaging automation features (next 30 days)

  • In app notification & push notifications (next 30 days)

  • Admin installable as an app (45 days)

  • Live stream (60 days)

  • Live chat version 2 which includes sharing and paid unlocking of photos and videos (next 60 days)

  • Promotions / coupons (90 days)

  • Additional homepage design features (90 days)

  • New affiliate system (120 days)

  • Blog (120 days)

  • Detailed statistics (120 days)

  • Network sites with cross promotion between sites (180 days)

  • Cyrpto payouts and payments from members (180 days)

  • Fundraisers (180 days)

Moving to the new app/platform (new app / v.s. old app)

If you are currently using the old app/platform and are interested in migrating to the new app to take advantage of these new features, please view this Help Center article.


As always, we REALLY appreciate feedback, especially constructive criticism or feature suggestions. Click here to leave feedback.

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