Messages are automatically routed to the best channel for each recipient based on a number of factors. Although there are exceptions and customization options available for each event, most messages follow this general flow:

Private chat notifications

Most messages are first delivered to members via the private chat. This allows for a more personal feel, and encourages member engagement. It also allows us to reduce the number of redundant emails that are sent to members.

Email notifications

Emails are sent to members for most events, 15 minutes or more, after the private message was sent, if the private message was unread. If more than one of the same event occurs before the email is sent, an email summary will be sent. Email summaries contain information about multiple events.

Push / browser notifications (coming soon)

Members will soon have the ability to turn ON/OFF mobile push and desktop browser notifications, customizeable for each event.

In-app notifications (coming soon)

An in-app notification tray is coming soon.

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