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Here are a couple of creators that do a great job taking advantage of all of our features:

Frisky Bussiness


Services & benefits

  • Payouts up to 95% after processing fees

  • Wide range of payout options
    We offer many different payout options to creators, including direct deposit, SEPA, e-check and wires to nearly 250 countries. We can also payout to e-wallets like PayPal, Cash App, Revolut, Paxum, and Cosmo Payment.

  • Minimum payout is just $25

  • Huge range of payment options for your members, including PayPal
    We accept a wide range of payment methods including most major credit cards, and even PayPal!

  • Discreet billing
    Billing statements do not reference adult content.

  • One-click payments
    Members can easily pay with a single click from the credit card stored on file.

  • Generous referral program
    You make 25% of what we make on each site that you refer, up to a maximum of $1,000 USD per month, for the lifetime of that site. Your link gives creators an additional 1% on their payouts.

  • Excellent 24/7 live chat support
    Our support team prides itself on friendly and fast support. Reach us in the live chat and you can expect to get a response by a real human in usually less than 15 minutes. This is the same for your members too!

  • Actively managed feedback system
    We LOVE feedback, and we make it easy for you to provide. You'll receive a quick and personal response from a real human shortly after your submission. You can also vote on feedback from other creators!

  • Detailed Help Center
    We have an extensive Help Center where you can find helpful articles covering all sorts of topics. Our Help Center can be found at

  • Optional custom domain
    We allow you to #OwnYourOwnBrand with a custom domain.

  • Mobile & desktop app
    Installable as an app on your members’ phones or desktop.

  • Ultra-fast, secure, and reliable hosting
    We spend a lot of time and resources on our hosting infrastructure to ensure it's optimally architected. This will give you and your members a speedy and reliable service. We have regular third-party audits to ensure we using industry best practices.

  • Free DMCA takedown requests
    While we don't offer an official DMCA takedown service, we are happy to send takedown notices on your behalf, no charge.

  • Translations
    Your site is automatically translated for your members in their selected language, including real-time translations in the chat.

Membership tiers and custom access settings

We offer the most powerful access options available in the industry. You can:

  • Set access permissions specifically for individual pieces of content.

  • Set different access permissions for different memberships.

  • Preview your site by membership type and status.

  • Include streaming with a membership, or charge a fee (pay-to-stream).

  • Give free downloads or allow downloads for an additional fee.

  • Charge cancelled memberships (rebills off) more to stream and download.

  • Completely hide content from specific memberships.

  • Set specific options for non-members.

  • Completely hide videos from the public and only show to paid members.

  • Run a "clip store" by selling single video downloads to non members.


  • Group & private chats
    Offer group chats, private chats, both, or no chats at all.

  • Send free or locked content
    Charge an "unlock" fee for chat attachments, or send for free. And don't worry, our system will let you know if you are about to re-send a video that someone has already paid for.

  • Send from vault or media library
    Send videos from your media vault for quick shares, or use videos that already exist in your video library.

  • Pay-per-message
    Offer free private messaging or charge a per-message fee.

  • Complimentary free text messages
    Offer a certain number of complimentary free messages after a member first joins, or every 30 days.

  • Reply to, copy and delete your comments
    Don't worry, you can always delete comments that you want to take back.

  • Reply to, copy, like and delete member comments
    Engage with your members' comments directly.

  • Mute members
    Mute problematic members for 1, 24, or 48 hours, or until you manually unmute. Muted members will show a countdown timer and visual mute icon.

  • Floating chat AND chat center
    Chat with members as you navigate the dashboard using floating to chat windows, or use the chat-management page.

    More info on chat & pay-per-message

Mass messages

Mass messenger
Our mass messenger allows you to reach not only those on your mailing list, but members at different parts of the subscription lifecycle.

  • Personalized messages using variables
    Personalize your mass messages by using variables like member username.

  • Preview test messages sent to your inbox
    See how emails look in your inbox by sending yourself a preview test message.

  • BCC yourself
    Want to have a copy? No problem, just toggle on the BCC before sending your mass message.

  • Powerful recipient filtering options
    Send your mass messages out to only those who should be seeing them. Select specific memberships, membership statuses (active, cancelled, expired), those with accounts, but have never joined, or just those on your mailing list.

  • Messages first sent via private messages then fall back to email
    Our system will automatically choose the optimal delivery method and timing to ensure maximum delivery. Messages will be first sent via private message and will then fall back to email if necessary.

  • Mailing list management
    View and search email recipients, and unsubscribe recipients.

  • Attach locked content
    Attach content from your vault of library that can be unlocked for a fee by messagse recipients.

  • Attach inline images
    Embed images into your messages.

Video & photoset libraries

  • Bulk editing
    Make edits to your entire content library in just a few clicks. Update collections, tags, cast members etc.

  • Collections
    Group similar items together in the same collection. Items can belong to multiple collections.

  • Tags
    Help your members find what they're looking for by adding fully customizable tags your content.

  • Auto tweets

    Auto tweet new content release announcements with customizable messaging.

  • Powerful filtering options
    You and your members can easily find content by filtering by status, tags, collection, and cast members.

  • Content sorting
    You and your members can sort your content pages by publish date, name, and number of comments.

  • Search by keyword
    You and your members can also search your library by keyword. Descriptions, titles, cast member, tags and collections are searched.

  • Schedule content
    Content can be published now, or scheduled and auto-released at a future time and date.

  • Hide schedule content until x days before release
    Ensure your scheduled content doesn't overwhelm your libraries by limiting published content to only what's being released soon.

  • Customizable auto announcements
    Customize the default auto-announcement that is sent when you publish new content. Auto-announcements can also be turned off.

  • Custom video previews
    You can also associate custom video previews with all of your full length videos. Your video previews will play in place of the full length videos for those without access to that video.

  • Auto-generated or custom poster images
    Upload a custom poster image, or use one that is automatically generated when you upload your content.

  • Blur poster images
    Optionally blur poster images that you don't want shown to those who have not yet paid for the content.

  • Content likes
    Each piece of content includes a like button that members can click. Like counts are included in your dashboard.

  • Content comments
    Members can comment on each piece of content, and reply to, and like the comments of others. This helps drive engagement between you and your members, and between members themselves.

  • Powerful comment permissions settings
    Specify exactly who can comment on your content. Allow anyone with an account to comment, or allow only certain members.

  • Cast members
    Let your members know who in each video, by assigning cast members. This also satisfies an important legal (2257) requirement.

  • Allow/disallow downloads
    Specify whether content can be downloaded at all, can be downloaded for free, or can be downloaded for a price. The download fee can be in addition to the subscription or unlock price.

  • Watermarks
    Your videos are watermarked with your site name when uploaded. Watermarks are optional and can be turned off if you don't want them.

Here's a great example of a video library

Here's a great example of a photoset library


There may be some content that's only for sharing via private message, rather than for your library. That's where your vault comes in.
More info


In addition to photo and video libraries, we allow creators to post stories. A story is a photo (or group of photos) or a short video that is intended to be short and sometimes temporary. Videos are intended to be a permanent part of your library and are supposed to be longer and higher quality. A story can be set to delete after 24 hours.
More info
Here's a great example of a Stories page


We offer a store front to allow creators to sell miscellaneous digital or physical items including custom videos.
Here's a great example of a Store page

Design tools

  • Customizable header images with video or banner images
    Set a custom header image or video loop.
    More info

  • Logo & icon generators
    We provide easy-to-use logo and icon generators for those who don't have custom designs that they want to use.
    More info

  • Color palettes
    Customize your site's color theme or choose from one of our presets.

  • Your site installs as an app with customizable app icon
    Your site is installable as a real app on your member's phones or desktops. You can even design a custom app icon!
    More info

  • Custom pages with access permissions
    Add custom pages to your site and restrict access based on membership or membership status.
    More info

  • Preview your site as an active vs. expired member
    See how various permission changes look by previewing your site as a paid member or someone without a membership.


  • Block regions
    Block U.S. States, Canadian provinces, or entire countries. People visiting from blocked regions will see a general technical error message (we don't want to give away the fact that they are blocked).

  • Block members
    Block members quickly and easily by using the block feature. Blocked members appear in a searchable list and can be unblocked at any time.

  • Blacklist IP addresses
    Easily add IP addresses that you want blocked to the IP blacklist.

  • Whitelist IP addresses
    If you live in a blocked region, you'll need to still be able to view your site. That's where the whitelist comes in. Our system will automatically add your IP address to the whitelist so you don't block yourself automatically.

    More info on region & member blocking


In addition to purchasing your content directly via credit and debit cards, members can pay from their wallet. Once members "top up" their wallet, they are free to use the balance to make purchases on your site. Wallets are typically used to purchase smaller priced items like chat messages.
More info


Members can send one-off payments to you in the form of a tip. Members can tip by card or from their wallet.

Transaction & payout reports

  • Detailed transaction reports
    Complete and detailed reports of ALL financial transactions happening on your site - exportable in CSV format.

  • Detailed payout summaries
    Full breakdowns of your payouts by payout period - exportable in CSV format.

Google Analytics integration

Quickly and easily integrate your Google Analytics tracking code. Track visitors and engagement metrics.


  • 2257 management
    Legal document management for cast members.

  • Domain redirects
    Redirect options for those migrating from other platforms to ensure links still function and maintaining SEO.

  • White label
    Ability to remove AdultMemberSites branding - Available creators already working with existing payment processors.

General FAQs & getting started

See this article for a list of general FAQs.

See this article for info on getting started.

Constant updates!

We are CONSTANTLY adding new features. Here are some major features coming soon:

  • In app notification & push notifications. Now in progress.

  • Live stream for new app (currently available on legacy). Now in progress.

  • VPN blocking.

  • Admin installable as an app.

  • Model microsites.

  • Promotions / coupons.

  • Additional homepage design features.

  • New affiliate system.

  • Blog.

  • Detailed statistics (beyond current Google Analytics).

  • Cross promotion & content sharing between sites.

  • Crypto payouts, and payments from members.

  • Fundraisers.

Read more about our product features & updates.
Explore our Help Center for more information.

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