What is AdultMemberSites?

We are an adult member site platform. Our system allows you to create your own custom membership site, and engage with your fan base.


How do I earn money?

We are constantly adding new features to allow you to maximize revenues, and increase engagement with your members. Here are the different ways to earn on our platform:

  • Recurring memberships (subscriptions)

  • Content downloads (videos, photosets)

  • Premium content unlocks

  • Pay-per-message

  • Store purchases

  • Tips

  • Referrals

What are the costs/payouts?

Your site won’t cost you anything. There are no setup fees or maintenance fees. We only make money when you do, and we have the highest payout ceiling in the industry (up to 95% after processing fees).
Read more on our payouts

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we have a generous referral program so you can earn money when referring creators to us. We pay 25% of what we make + additional perks.
Read more about our referral program

How often will I be paid? What is the pay cycle?

Our pay cycle is every two weeks.
Read more on our payout schedule

Is there a minimum payout amount?

Yes, the minimum payout is 25 USD, but can be changed by request.

What payout methods do you offer?

We offer multiple payout options, including direct deposit, wire, and e-wallet services like PayPal, Cash App, Revolut, Paxum, and Cosmo Payment.
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Do I use my own domain name?

Yes, you can use your own custom domain name, although it's optional. You are also free to use the default domain that is provided (e.g. adultmembersites.com/yoursitename).

Do I keep my domain name if I no longer want to use AdultMemberSites?

Absolutely! We never control, or claim ownership over your domain name. You can simply point it elsewhere if you no longer want to use our service. BE WARY OF ANY SERVICE THAT MAINTAINS OR ASKS FOR CONTROL OF YOUR DOMAIN.


Will I be locked in?

No. You can cancel the agreement and walk away any time. There are no fees associated with closing an account.

Who owns the content that will be posted on my website?

You will always retain full ownership and control of your content.


Is there any any content that is not allowed?

All content must be compliant with our Content Policy.

Will I be able to sell my site videos elsewhere?

Yes. There are no restrictions on your content.

Can I use purchased content or does it have to be created?

We are currently only working with content creators.

Are there time constraints? Do I have to have my site build by a certain date?

No, you can take as much time as you need to create your site.

Do I have to show my face in my content?

You do NOT have to show your face publicly. We do, however, still need your proof of age ID on file, and we may need some content showing your face temporarily showing privately for the approval process.


How do members pay?

Members will make payments through your site via one of our payment processing partners. Click here to view member payment method options.

Do I have to sign up and pay for a payment processor account?

No, we process all of the payments through our own accounts. Unless, you prefer to do it that way. You would then want to go with our White Label solution.

Are there any countries that you don’t accept payments from?

Click here for a list of countries that we don’t accept payments from.

Do I have to pay the “high risk” $1000 per year/per gateway fee for Visa and MasterCard?

No. We cover this cost for you.

Do you accept crypto payments?

Not yet, but soon!

Can I offer free trials?

Yes, you can offer free trials.

Can I do direct video sales (clip store)?

Yes, you can have content included with memberships or sell them individually, independently of your memberships.


What features do you have?

Click here to read the complete list of services and features.

What uptime & security do you have?

We work hard to provide a secure and reliable platform with virtually zero downtime. We have consistently maintained one of the highest uptime averages (operating at normal capacity) in the industry over the past five years. We have maintained at least a 99.99% uptime as a platform, in all geographic regions, for the past 120 days.

Will my site be mobile friendly?

Yes. Your site will re-size automatically on mobile devices, AND it's installable as an app!

Where are your servers located?

We have servers, deploying our platform in over 30 countries. Our main servers are located in the U.S.

Can I run your service on my server?

No, our platform must run on our servers.

Can I choose NOT to have my site run on any U.S. servers?

No, not at the current time.

How long does the video uploading take?

This will depend on your internet connection speed. You can expect video upload speeds similar to those of YouTube.

Do you offer multi-language support?

Yes, your site will be available in multiple languages. Translations are handled automatically.


Do you accept clients outside of the U.S. and Canada?

Yes! We accept clients around the world.

Will you do graphic design for me?

If it’s related to your website, we're happy to help!

Is support available at nighttime or on weekends?

Yes. We can be reached 24/7 via our live chat support.

How does the process work, how do I get started?

It really depends how quickly you work and how much content you want to start with. Site set up and launch can take as little as 1 hour.

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Please reach us via our live chat support to discuss any questions you have that aren't listed here.

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