We are very excited to announce the PHASE 1 release of our new Notifications feed! You'll find a new notification icon in the top right of the dashboard which will open our new real-time notifications.

Inline replies
Reply to all content likes and comments, and chat messages IN the notification feed with our inline reply feature!

New notification options

You can now turn on/on in app and email notifications. You can also specify how often you receive email notifications. Messages for multiple notifications will be grouped together.

Set your preferences here in the notifications preferences section of the Dashboard.


This is only the first of many updates coming to this feature. We are actively working on this and expect to have weekly updates including:

  • Notifications feed for members

  • Additional notification types including

    • Transactions (all site payments)

    • Member joins/cancellations, etc.

    • Detailed tip notifications

    • Logins/logouts

  • Push notification options

  • Customizable member notification templates & auto tweets based on site events

    • New content publications

    • Member joins

    • Cancellations & billing issues

    • Promotions

    • Livestreams

    • & more

    Have suggestions/requests for this feature? Let us know here in the feedback system.



  • Prerelease unlocks
    Offer paid access BEFORE the official publication date of your videos or photosets.
    More info (tutorial video)

  • One-click payments
    One-click payments allow your members to pay with a single click using the credit card on file.

  • Mass private message unlocks
    More info (tutorial video)


  • Polish language now available in translation options

  • iDeal & Giro payment options temporarily unavailable
    Unfortunately CCBill is temporarily unable to offer iDeal & Giro for your members. They hope to have those back in the near future. See a complete list of payment methods available to your members here.

    ------------- Previously announced -------------

  • Prices removed from join buttons & join page updates
    We have removed the prices on join buttons as this was causing issues for some admins.

  • Content labels on memberships
    If people come to your membership selection page via a specific piece of content, we now indicate which membership (if any) includes that content.

  • New privacy & security notice
    We have added a banner to the membership selection page with info on our support, billing statement, PCI compliance and privacy. This should help with conversions.

  • Auto play on scroll
    Stories and video previews now auto play on scroll on desktop and mobile.

  • Feedback system login issues
    We fixed issues we were having with the feedback system logins.

  • Content search now searches descriptions
    When content libraries are now searched, results include words listed in the description fields.



  • Continued work on notifications. Now in progress.

    • Additional notification types for notifications feed

    • Push notifications

  • Live stream (🗣️ community post). Now in progress.

  • Model microsites. Now in progress.

  • New more powerful access settings for stories, store items, chat & custom pages.

  • VPN blocking.

  • Admin installable as an app.

  • Promotions / coupons (🗣️ community post).

  • New site designer/Additional homepage design features.

  • New affiliate system (🗣️ community post).

  • Blog.

  • Detailed statistics (🗣️ community post).

  • Cross promotion & content sharing between sites (🗣️ community post).

  • Crypto payouts, and payments from members.

  • Fundraisers.

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See the entire list of currently available features.


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