What is the mass messenger?

The mass messenger is a centralized messaging system that allows you to send personalized messages to your members, and people on your mailing list. Messages can be targeted to specific memberships and membership statuses.

Composing a mass message

The mass messenger is found here on your Mass message > Send mass message page.

Receive a copy of each message

Toggle the BCC ON to receive 1 Blind Carbon Copy of the message when sent. This is recommended and helpful to know that it was sent successfully.

Personalize your message

Enter variables like the member's username to personalize the message.

Test your message

If you wish to send a test message first, simply click the Sent test button. This will send a version of your message to your account email.

Customizing recipients

Select entire membership statuses, or select individual active memberships. This could allow you to target, for example:

  • Just specific memberships

  • Just expired members

  • Just those on the mailing list

Notification flow

Members (and non-members on your mailing list) will receive notifications based on an automated notification flow to ensure maximum delivery.

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